About Us

Micro WeldingAfter acquiring years of specialized welding training from KVCC and Ferris State University, Micro Precision Welding became one of the first welding shops in the area to delve into the highly specialized art and science of precision welding. Now, after 25 years of referrals and multitudes of satisfied customers, we have grown to provide services to many meticulous and exacting industries. A recent influx of work has been in laser welding to add material to CNC-machined pieces which have been over-machined or worn down during automated processes or repeated abuse. This service saves money and time and has become a staple in the budget of many machine shops affected by the current economy.

Given the name, our specialty lies in performing specialized micro welding services on pieces that many other shops simply cannot. Call us for questions, more information, or even advice. We can provide solutions for that which was previously thought impossible, and we'll save you time and money while doing it.