Dental Welding

Dental welding involves the joining of metal by use of a laser and compatible filler material to the parts being welded. In dentistry, dental welding is used for joining components of a dental appliance, in joining metals to orthodontic bands, in the assembly of a bridge, or even in adding material to certain structures in order to establish proper contact areas on crowns and inlays with adjacent teeth.

Unlike dental soldering, the dental welding zone affected by heat is so small, that laser dental welding can easily be achieved even in close proximity to acrylic saddles or veneers. It is possible to weld removable dentures without disassembling the entire restoration. As there is no problematic solder involved with laser dental welding, problems such as difference of potential, corrosion, and the resulting health hazards for the patient are completely avoided. Micro Precision Welding assures the best possible biocompatibility and stands behind its dental laser welding services.