Gun Repair

gun weldingMicro Precision Welding is now serving the firearms industry with our extensive welding experience. Most gun shops order or remake expensive parts that can be reliably repaired with our welding processes. Broken ejectors, firing pins, hammers, cracked receivers, and other intricate parts can be easily repaired by precision laser gun welding. Since we are experienced shooters ourselves, precision gun welding is a very exciting and practical aspect of our business.

Do you have a custom gun project? We can help you save time and money. Changes in shapes and engraving can be made with ease. Small pits, lettering and engraving can be welded with our micro laser welding machine. Sears, trigger parts, and ejection system pieces can all be fixed with literally no heat input to the part itself.

Do you have a nice double gun that is slightly loose with the barrel to face of the receiver? We can laser weld the "hook" and/or the locking bolt with very precise amounts of material. Fitting of these parts will be minimal due to the precise amount of buildup that can be achieved. The laser welding process introduces very little heat into the parent material thus saving solder joints, expensive plating, bluing and special coatings.

Call, fax, or email us with your precision gun welding needs. The chances are that we can do it and save you money in the process.