WeldingWe are more than just welders. We are experts and innovators in the art and science of precision tool, die and injection mold welding and repair. Our company remains committed to discovering creative, cost-efficient solutions for even your most difficult welding and repair challenges.

Our practical application of more than 25 years of education and experience brings with it the quality that our clients have come to expect over the long, successful history of our company.

Micro Precision Welding determines the precise solution for your application and utilizes the most advanced technology and procedures to provide laser welding solutions in various industries. Our demanding customers in very exacting fields have had their needs met with quality and timeliness for over 25 years.

Companies That Use Our Services:

  • Mold and tool maker shops
  • Machine shops
  • Injection molding operations
  • Blow molding operations
  • Extrusion molding operations
  • Precision medical instrument manufacturing
  • Die Shops