Miniature Assembly Welding

miniature assembly weldingMiniature assembly welding requires experience and expertise that many welding shops simply may not possess. Micro Precision Welding, as the name implies, sites miniature assembly welding as one of its many specialties.

Miniature device components often combine precision micro-machined assemblies and microelectronics, and the welding of miniature electromechanical devices can present unique problems due to possible thermal effects of heating the surface. For example, metal components in many miniature assemblies may have a melting temperature of 2500 degrees, but the local surface temperature at the weld juncture may exceed temperatures of 3000 degrees. Product designers have to consider the location of any temperature-sensitive miniature components to avoid damage from heat transfer during any welding process.

Laser welding of miniature assemblies allows minimal defects, low heat input, and high metallurgical quality. Over the last 25 years, Micro Precision Welding has mastered numerous techniques for miniature assembly welding.